OM Pendant Necklace - Classico Cristallo
OM Pendant Necklace - Classico Cristallo
OM Pendant Necklace - Classico Cristallo

OM Pendant Necklace

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Mindfulness meditation, the practice of self-regulation and attentiveness, has been passed down as an agent wisdom for a millennium. However, it has risen to prominence over the last decade due to its empirically backed benefits. Meditative practices have been shown to meaningfully reduce the effects and severity of stress and anxiety. The OHM Pendant Necklace allows you to manage your stress and anxiety, so you can handle whatever life throws at you.

 Giant Golden Buddha Statue

technique that can be implemented using this bracelet is to link seeing it with a simple action. Breathing. A round of deep breathing has many of the same benefits for calming a troubled mind. Anytime you begin to feel overwhelmed, look down at your bracelet and remember to focus solely on your breathing. Inhale breath for four seconds, and exhale for six seconds. Repeat this breathing pattern until your mind is feeling clear enough to regain your composure.

 OM Pendant Necklace, Classico Cristallo, Silver, Gold

The origins of meditation begin in its religious practice. Meditation has been a core tenet of religions like Buddhism, in which it was used as a device to help reach enlightenment and self-realization. Due to its benefits, the practice of meditation has manifested itself in other areas. It has been adapted for self-regulatory practices and exercises like yoga, and in recent years, has been used as a treatment mechanism in modern medicine. The OHM Pendant Necklace gives you an easy way to enjoy the same benefits of meditation without needing to clear time in your day, because we know stress and anxiety can show up at the least opportune times.

Snow, Mountain, Fog ,Peaceful


Material: Stainless Steel
Closure: Clasp